At the Cinema | The Blind Side – White lady saves the day & Sandy scoops a gong

The Blind Side - Sandra Bullock plays no-nonsense Southerner Leigh Ann Tuohy, who adopts black teenager Michael Oher (Quinto Aaron) in the Oscar-winning film

I’m not sure whether Sandra Bullock really deserved her Worst Actress gong at the Razzies for her performance in All About Steve, but if the Razzie folk were a tad uncharitable in giving her the Golden Raspberry then this year’s Oscar voters were remarkably generous in handing her the Best Actress award for The Blind Side.

The film’s based on the true story of a wealthy white Southerner, Leigh Anne Tuohy, who rescued a disadvantaged black teenager, Michael Oher (played by Quinton Aaron), took him into her home, adopted him, and propelled him towards stardom on the American football field.

It’s certainly a heartwarming tale and Bullock delivers a big, ballsy performance as the indomitable Tuohy – but Oscar-worthy? What were they thinking? Sure, Sandy’s a great trooper and much loved, but the $250million the film – a big hit in America’s conservative heartland – has made at the US box-office probably came into the equation too. Perhaps the sight of the white lady saving the day (as this spoof poster has it) also swayed them. If so, is this a case of Hollywood displaying its own blind side?

On general release from 26th March.

Glitz, guilt and shame: what this year’s Oscar race says about America.

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One Response to At the Cinema | The Blind Side – White lady saves the day & Sandy scoops a gong

  1. Steve says:

    Completely agree! This movie was horseshit (sorry for the language but seriously this movie was up for best picture and Sandra Bullock won best leading actress.. come on!)

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