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One of my favourite character actors is Tony Todd. He’s given us the chills as Candyman, cropped up in Star Trek, 24 and Chuck, and lent his malevolent voice to all manner of stuff, including Batman and Transformers.

Being the consummate actor for hire that he is – he reminds me of Vinnie Price, who also tried his hand at all manner of stuff just to keep on working – Todd has also appeared in some god awful tosh.

Which brings me to The Graves, the debut horror from Chaos! Comics head Brian Pulido. Todd plays the creepy Reverend Abraham Stockton, the head of a bizarre sect awaiting the ascension of some supernatural force in the remote Arizona town of Skull City.

When the Graves sisters, Megan (Clare Grant) and Abby (Jillian Murray), take a road trip before Megan heads to New York, they come across Skull City’s tourist mine, where they witness the brutal killings of a group of fellow visitors.

Soon a family of psychotic serial killers, including Rob Zombie favourite Bill Moseley, is hunting them down. But just as it looks as though our plucky heroines have made good their escape, they fall into the clutches of Todd’s crazy preacher and his equally disturbed followers.


The Graves starts like The Hills Have Eyes meets Tourist Trap before shifting gears into satanic cult territory. In the end, it comes across as a something akin to Robert Fuest’s overlooked 1975 horror, The Devil’s Rain – which also dealt with a group of Satanists hold up in a remote desert town – although the pay off in The Graves is nothing like the satanic meltdown in Fuest’s box-office flop.


While Grant and Murray make credible scream queens – and look pretty fit in their tight fitting T’s – and the film boasts horror stars Todd and Moseley, Pulido’s debut lacks flare, originality and even a decent creature (I just saw a flash of light and heard a screaming noise) to make this worth watching.

Hopefully, Pulido will learn from his mistakes if he ever returns to Skull City.

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One Response to Pete’s Peek | You’ll be digging your own after seeing The Graves

  1. Barry Chepren, P.E. says:

    As is typical with all horror / thriller movies with women playing the victims, the “Victims” that you dreamed up for this movie paint them in a typical, unnatural way. People (not just women) in general, when faced with a serious threat to their lives don’t behave in any way close to your “Victims” in The Graves. With all the chances they had, a normal pair of women would have been long gone at the first chance to escape. How about some realistic common sense for your victims. They are completely devoid of any in this film.

    When being pursued, they always make more noise than a buffalo herd when trying to hide. They attempt utterly stupid self defense tactics that a 3 year old wouldn’t even dream of doing out of 3-year-old common sense, and in the many situations where they should have been butchered, they “Miraculously” seem to find some chintzy way out and defeat their superior tormentor(s) from a inescapable situation.

    From first hand experience, I know that all humans with half a brain will do anything to avoid, evade or kill their tormentor(s) or pursuers without remorse or hesitation. Once again, you have created the worlds stupidest pair of Bimbos as your lead characters in a totally unbelievable tale of the pitfalls of a town with a very shallow gene pool. If you decide to make another horror film, please do us all a favor and DON’T.

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