Leaving – Kristin Scott Thomas risks everything for love in her latest role

Leaving - Kristin Scott Thomas’s Suzanne risks everything for love  in Catherine Corsini’s intense romantic drama

Kristin Scott Thomas just gets better and better – and braver.

She turned 50 earlier this year, but her recent roles have been ever more challenging, more daring, and more revealing.

She stripped herself of make-up for her acclaimed 2008 role as a grief-stricken ex-con in I’ve Loved You So Long, and in her new film Leaving she goes even further, giving a performance of astonishing emotional and physical candour.

The part she plays in French director Catherine Corsini’s romantic melodrama looks, initially, to be well within her comfort zone. Suzanne is another of those figures drawn from the ranks of the haute bourgeoisie, an upper-middle-class wife and mother married to a successful doctor (Yvan Attal) and living a life of considerable ease in Nimes in the south of France.

Leaving - Kristin Scott Thomas & Sergi Lopez star in Catherine Corsini’s intense romantic drama

Yet all this changes when for she begins an affair with Sergi Lopez’s Ivan, the Spanish ex-con turned handyman who’s been working at her home. Their liaison is much more than a fling; it’s a real amour fou: passionate and crazy, driven by sweaty sex and bad decisions.

Suzanne’s transgression provokes her coldly arrogant husband to icy fury and he takes every step he can to ensure that she gives up her lover and returns to him, stripping her of all her former social and economic status. Suzanne, however, is not prepared to give up her mad love easily…

Corsini’s story veers close to lurid melodrama, but her star’s performance is so committed, so nakedly honest and real, that we’re convinced by every (mis)step her character takes.

Suzanne risks everything for love and self-fulfilment. As an actress, Kristin Scott Thomas is proving equally fearless.

On general release from 9th July.

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2 Responses to Leaving – Kristin Scott Thomas risks everything for love in her latest role

  1. David says:

    Kristin Scott Thomas is phenomenal in this gripping,intense and believable story. She totally draws you into her world,and you live and feel every emotion,angst and happiness she encounters through her character. I’ve seen it twice (just wish the ending could have been more exact, ie we hear a police siren in the background? does she get taken away, does he? or do they end their lives on that beautiful idylic spot where all their dreams of a new life together were to begin?)

  2. Joann says:

    KST has done it again. First she is remarkable in I’ve loved you so long and now Leaving. I wish she would stop making these stupid Hollywood films (Shopaholic and the Other Boleyn Sister) and stick with the French gems she has been amazing in. I have not seen Nowhere Boy but heard a Best supporting actress nod is in the wings. Also looking forward to Sara’s Key. In my opinion she is one of the best Actresses of our time.

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