Film review | Footloose – Let’s hear it for the new boy


Slipping comfortably into Kevin Bacon’s dancing shoes, newcomer Kenny Wormald is the big-city boy who moves to a small town where dancing has been outlawed in this exuberant remake of 1980s teen musical Footloose.

Just like his predecessor, Wormald’s Ren MacCormack stirs up the starchy locals by challenging the ban and catches the eye of wayward Ariel (Julianne Hough), rebellious daughter of strict preacher Dennis McQuaid and his more laid-back wife (Andie MacDowell).

Tweaking the story just a little, the new film brings things up to date while including a few nostalgic salutes to the original – including Ren’s bright-yellow VW Beetle and Ariel’s red-leather cowboy boots. Swaggering Wormald and sassy Hough (both of them professional dancers) throw themselves into the dance routines with gusto, as does Miles Teller as country bumpkin Willard (the Chris Penn role), whose learning-to-dance montage to ‘Let’s Hear It for the Boy’ remains a highlight. With Kenny Loggins’ title song as toe-tappingly infectious as ever, you’ll want to join in too.

On general release from 14th October 2011.

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