DVD review | The Skin I Live In – Almodóvar and Banderas, back together and as provocative as ever!

The Skin I Live In - Elena Anaya & Antonio Banderas

Arch provocateur Pedro Almodóvar reunites with his 1980s leading man Antonio Banderas for the dark thriller The Skin I Live In, the first time the pair have worked together since the heady days of such films as Law of Desire, Matador, Women on a Nervous Breakdown and Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!

On the surface, which in this case is slick, smooth and highly glossy, their new film is far removed from the sometimes scuzzy and usually outrageous films they made in their youth; but probe a little deeper, beneath the epidermis as it were, and it’s clear that their latest collaboration is equally transgressive.

A mix of creepy horror and seductive melodrama, The Skin I Live In reveals its secrets gradually. The plot is twisted; its protagonist even more so. Banderas is a plastic surgeon, a profession that boasts more than its fair share of horror movie villains. He lives in a splendid mansion outside Toledo, the Spanish city famous for the keenness of its blades. And like his mad scientist precursors, Banderas’s Dr Ledgard is in pursuit of an illicit, taboo-breaking goal.

Hidden from view in his secluded estate, El Cigarral, he is developing an artificial skin from a fusion of human and pig genes. His unwilling test subject is a beautiful young woman named Vera (Elena Anaya) held captive in the mansion. Ledgard’s asserted aim is to benefit humanity, but beneath the illicit science his true purpose is to remake Vera in the image of his dead wife. Though just how far he is prepared to go in his quest, the film cunningly withholds from the viewer…

Released on DVD & Blu-ray on Monday 26th December by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.

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46 Responses to DVD review | The Skin I Live In – Almodóvar and Banderas, back together and as provocative as ever!

  1. Kyri says:

    Sometimes believing that people are not really telling me the truth about me and the impact this might potentially have on my sanity. This is what perenially scares me the most. Waking up in the middle of the night by tarantulas crawling all over me comes a close second!

  2. sinead says:

    rats…. i really hate them and i even get the shivers just thinking about them.

  3. Misha Wallace says:

    Uh maggots! Everything about them is vile – the way they wriggle and flip themselves over, eww! :/

  4. Sabrina Fancy says:

    What really freaks me out is my next door neighbour. She yelled at my 3 year old son and told him he was an ‘elephant’ and the neighbour from hell!

  5. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    Im scared of open water. I’m not the strongest of swimmers and would hate to be lost at sea as I cannot swim to save myself.

  6. Shelley Jessup says:

    I am really freaked out by clowns, funny , happy, sad all of them give me nightmares.

  7. Baldwin Ho says:

    Looking at my face in the mirror on New Year’s day when I wake up
    (hey I was so good looking at the fancy dress party the night before!)

  8. vicki cullen says:

    FEET -have goty a huge big problem with feet cant look touch or have anybody elses near me YUCK!!!

  9. Dee Edmondson says:

    Open staircases terrify me, No idea why but i cant go up or down them.

  10. John Seaman says:


  11. claire woods says:

    Anything medical. My son’s teeth are falling out for new adult ones and it’s horrible – can’t look as too scary!

  12. Andrew Timms says:

    Things with too many teeth, mainly fictional aliens for the most part but there are some people I would steer clear of as well

  13. Claire Smith says:

    Spiders – really scared of them if they are bigger than a money spider!

  14. Gemma Turner says:

    I am petrified of heights :(

  15. Martin Rusby says:

    it would have to be spiders!

  16. Chris Toms says:

    a chemical agent released into the atmosphere,accidental or deliberate.

  17. Maya Russell says:

    I’m scared of being alone at home with no TV or radio. The silence is creepy!

  18. Kerry W says:

    I’m scared of getting older! Time seems to be flying by. I’m almost middle aged and my son is almost a teenager. I just can’t stop time from moving forward and it’s pretty scary.

  19. helena haddock says:

    Spiders, especially if they are on the ceiling, think they are going to fall off when i go to bed

  20. Ken Stevens says:

    Spiders!!! I don’t like Spiders!!! I don’t care if they are green, red, black, blue, orange or pink – I don’t like spiders!!! I don’t care if they come from England, Ireland, America, Brazil, Africa, Asia or Australia – I don’t like spiders!!! I don’t care if they are hairy or bald -I dont like spiders!!! The only good spider is a dead spider!!!

  21. MARK THOMAS says:


  22. Emma Howard says:

    Definitely spiders. I can’t even bear looking at pictures of them.

  23. vicky haddock says:

    I would have to be when the cats bring home birds and mice, can’t move them have to get a friend to do it,

  24. phyllis ellett says:

    Eastenders, gives me the willies, so bad it hurts. Agghh !!!!

  25. Mark Barlow says:

    I have to admit that heights scare me. Guess it’s no surprise I didn’t enter the Fire Service!

  26. alex cook says:

    Something bad happening to my wife and kids scares me most

  27. Katherine L says:

    Ghosts …. or even the thought of them scares me!

  28. Sarah Jane Jones says:

    Snakes – hideous things!

  29. Greg says:

    Loosing all my savings in a Banking crisis

  30. Stuart E says:

    Oh i cant stand Spiders!!, even just seeing them on tv gives me the creeps :(

  31. Melanie McNair says:

    Spiders..I totally freak out if I see one and hubby has to come remove it from the room. The night I found a large spider at the top of the stairs was dreadful..it vanished and hubby had to search the house for it as I refused to go to bed until it was located.

  32. Colin Gault says:

    My fear has to be maggots

  33. Francesca Light-Wilson says:

    The thought of getting a debilitating illness and my family being burdened with caring for me really scares me.
    I treasure my independence and thought of losing it terrifies me, but the thought of my parents’ and husband’s lives being changed for the worse in such a way scares me even more :-(

  34. Dessiree Brown-Llaneza says:

    I’m frightened of most things to be honest, but my two worst ones are clowns and spiders. Clowns are so sinister and scary and spiders, well they are just too fast. We get quite a lot of spiders where we live and i’m constantly trying not to pass my irrational fear onto my 2yr old and 3yr old but i can’t help it!!!! They are going to be petrified when they’re older, its not funny really.

  35. Lisa Mowlin says:

    What scares me the most is living out my old age alone (as I don’t have kids). Bad health scares me too.

  36. Greig spencer says:

    hate spiders and nuts yuck lol

  37. Gillian Holmes says:

    lifts or any closed in space.

  38. sue willshee says:

    I’m terrified of worms! Snakes don’t worry me but I can’t stand even thinking about worms. I think it’s from when my sister used to stuff them down my back when I was little….urgh! Horrible slimy little things….shudder

  39. Melissa Hall says:

    None of those things scare me! Moths and butterflies used to freak me out but I think I am cured of that phobia now.

  40. Filipa Woodrough says:

    Losing anyone in my family… :(

  41. Laura Pritchard says:

    It used to be fireworks, party poppers & crackers but I’m getting better!

  42. hilda wright says:

    dentists! shudder!

  43. ali thorpe says:

    Spiders? Meh! I’m much more frightened by my own imagination.

    Sometimes, when I’m walking in the dark, I picture that scene in Halloween where Michael Myers steps out from behind a bush. That freaks me out! You know, the thought of serial killers lurking behind shrubbery, in cupboards, standing over me when I’m sleeping, THAT IS SCARY!

  44. Graeme says:

    I can’t stand heights.

  45. melanie stirling says:

    I am really scared at the thought of standing on one of those glass platforms,I really couldn’t do it,I think I would be sick!

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