DVD review | Immortals – Mickey Rourke’s power-mad king wants to cut the gods down to size

Playing fast and loose with Greek mythology, epic fantasy adventure Immortals pitches virile young hero Theseus (buff British actor Henry Cavill, cinema’s next Superman) against Mickey Rouke’s megalomaniac King Hyperion, who plans to unleash the mighty Titans from their imprisonment beneath Mount Tartarus and cut Zeus (Luke Evans) and his fellow Olympian gods down to size. To further this end, Hyperion is seeking the virgin oracle, Freida Pinto’s Phaedra, so that he can discover the whereabouts of the fabled Epirus Bow – his very own weapon of mass destruction.

Immortals - Mickey Rourke as King Hyperion

Director Tarsem Singh’s earlier films, The Cell and The Fall, were both visually stunning but weak on narrative, and his new movie is the same. The film’s mix of live action and CGI animation is certainly eye-popping. Costume designer Eiko Ishioka, who died from pancreatic cancer in January, drapes the gods in dinky gold lamé outfits and outlandish headgear – Daniel Sharman’s Aires sports a helmet spiked with swords and Kellan Lutz’s Poseidon appears to be wearing a rather whimsical fascinator. Pinto’s virgin oracle is ravishing in red. But while the film looks spectacular, the story – and most of the dialogue – is spectacularly silly.

Released on Blu-ray & DVD by Universal Pictures on Monday 5th March.

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