DVD review | Jeff, Who Lives at Home – The Duplass Brothers zoom in on life’s cosmic connections

Like its slacker hero, offbeat comedy Jeff, Who Lives at Home by brothers Jay and Mark Duplass is shambling, easygoing and slow to get going. Jason Segal’s Jeff is a 30-year-old unemployed pothead who still lives in his mother’s basement and finds it hard to complete the most basic task. Running an errand for his widowed mother, Sharon (Susan Sarandon), he gets distracted by a series of chance encounters with members of his family, including uptight brother Pat (Ed Helms) and Pat’s estranged wife, Linda (Judy Geer). Meanwhile, Sharon discovers she has a secret admirer. As the coincidences mount up, Jeff’s addled belief in cosmic connections gets surprising vindication. It’s all very low-key, but if you don’t mind the film’s zany meanderings then Segal’s sweet-natured Jeff is an amiable companion to have.

Released on DVD by Paramount Home Entertainment on Monday 17th September.

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