Film review | Populaire – French romantic comedy turns back the clock to the era of Doris & Rock

populaire 2d pack

As if Mad Men had never happened, French romantic comedy Populaire takes a breezy, light-hearted approach to the late-1950s world of brooding male bosses and their demurely pretty secretaries. Romain Duris is the chauvinist boss, Louis Échard, a dapper insurance broker in a small town in 1958 Normandy, and Déborah Francis is the naïve provincial girl, Rose Pamphyle, whose fleet one-finger typing wins her the post as his secretary. Recognising her potential, Louis decides her to train her to compete in speed-typing competitions, setting his protégé on the path to celebrity. First-time director Régis Roinsard handles all this with chic and charm, conjuring up a pastel-pink world in which Doris Day and Rock Hudson would feel perfectly at home.


Released on DVD and Blu-ray by Entertainment One on Monday 23rd September.

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