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We were relieved to see Dominic Monaghan’s post-Lost career hasn’t gone completely down the drain just yet. You might want to stop playing rubbish rock stars though, Dom.

We all remembered what it is about Flight of the Conchords duo Bret and Jemaine that just make you want to put them in your pocket and take them home with you.

We issued a collective ‘awwwwww’ at the sight of Lost lovebirds Penny and Desmond and their wee bairn. Suri Cruise, we’re sorry, but you are no longer top of the cuties.

We put our thinking caps on to try to help Jack Bauer work out the most likely identity of the pesky FBI mole in 24, day seven. We’re hoping we might even get some special issue FBI jackets out of it…

We were very pleased to hear that SCI FI is the latest channel to see the light and launch an HD service, and we managed to persuade them to give us some Eli Stone goodies for a competition to celebrate! If you haven’t entered yet, hurry up!

We’ve realised that the trick to persuading our resident Wire specialist to write for us is quite simple – find another programme by makers David Simon and Ed Burns… Et voila, Jim’s been letting us in on what he made of Iraq war drama Generation Kill.

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